Chinese Magenese
Created with the image of the Chinese mafia in mind, This cocktail is mainly using ingredients produced in China such as dill, mangosteen, and ginger. The alcohol percentage of this drink is high, but it is fruity and easy to drink.
Edo-Mae Paloma
Hibiscus / Pink Grapefruit / Mezcal / Red Vinegar / Tonic Water A base of Mezcal is combined with pink grapefruit and hibiscus tea. Red vinegar, that was used before edo period as a seasoning for sushi rice, is used in this cocktail as a secret ingredient and give it a soft a deep flavor. Perfect drink for a hot day!
Looking for Provence
The Provence is the south eastern region of france, which is famous for it's lavender fields, the sunny weather and it's Herbe de provence, a mix of herbs often used in cuisine. This cocktail embodies the feelings and aromas that are adored by the people who once went there.
Another River
One more river This cocktail is a twist on the milk punch, using the rum 3 rivières (meaning 3 rivers in french), a lot of fruits, more rum, and milk to clarify and smooth the taste of the mix. Finally matcha tea from kyoto is added on the top and slowly embrace the cocktail. It represent Uji river, the 4th river.

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