Joli bouquet
Joli bouquet means "beautiful bouquet" in french, It is inspired by the floral aromatics embodied in the cocktail. Just like flowers are blooming in spring, the aromas of Hibiscus, and Orange blossom are blooming in the glass. In addition, Magao pepper infused gin, and Japanese craft liqueur are here to bring a balance to the drink.
Go south
A travel from north to south of france, following the west coast, and gathering seasonal ingredients from differents locations on the way. Rhubarbe in the north, strawberry in Brittany, grab a bottle of Lillet blanc around Bordeaux, and finally some Piment d'Espelette in the south. Enjoy the smooth, fruity aroma and exotic flavors.
Late Spring Tiki
Based on the spring edition of Japanese Craft Gin, which has flavors like flowers and Japanese sweets, sudachi and mangosteen make you feel summery. Finally, add jalapeno as an accent. I expressed the scene of feeling the end of spring while relaxing on the japanese veranda with this cocktail.

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