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自家製ラズベリーシロップとジンをシェイクでふんわり仕上げたクラシックカクテル。ジンの鋭さをベリーの香りが包み込んで口当たり優しく。 味も香りも色も、クリスマスを彩るのにふさわしい一杯です。
clover club
this cocktail is from classic recipe. home made raspberry syrup and egg white make gin flavor smooth. color taste match this season. merry christmas!
Silk Road Martini
As a merchant travelling silk road a long time ago, we collected various materials to make this wet martini. South African vermouth, Indian tea, herbs and Japanese craft-gin make exotic flavor attracting you.
Pine apple infused vermouth and calvados cask gin makes tender sweetness. oolong tea tighten it with gentle bitterness. it tastes smooth but strong.
carrot and spices infused gin tonic. you can feel best part of carrot flavor. it makes your feel like having curry and rice.
Grandma's Pickles and Pocari Sweat
Pocari sweat is common sports drink of japan. it's salty and sweet. good combination with pickled cucumber. this is a paring cocktail with tender gin and tonic and soy source based homemade cucumber pickles.
Sen-Gin-no Sencha
Sencha infused gin and tonic. both sencha and tonic has bitterness. it matches nicely. we also recommend this to person does not like gin and tonic very much.

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