Baked banana rum Manhattan
The queen of cocktail is the Manhattan, which is usually made with a base of Rye whiskey. But we replaced it with rum for a lighter feel, it is enriched with baked bananas, that add a sweet aftertaste and add depth. It makes it an easy-to-drink, nicely colored cocktail.
Isla bonita
This drink is inspired by Madonna, the most successful female artist in history, and her famous Latin-flavored song released in 1986. Enjoy the sourness and sweetness of strawberries and the delicate flavor of Japanese black tea.
The pineapple-apple flavor is created with pineapple-flavored vermouth, and gin aged in Calvados barrels. The exquisite bitterness of mate tea adds up and gives an even clearer and brighter taste, than the niwakabar original cocktail, APM No.1. The taste is smooth, but strong.
Smoking Barrels
Hommage of Guy Ritchie film whisky and coffee make smoky and strong shots like a fire from old rifle.

Niwakabar Niwakabar Niwakabar Niwakabar