cocktails english
bitters / gin / tea / vermouth /
As a merchant travelling silk road a long time ago, we collected various materials to make this wet martini. South African vermouth, Indian tea, herbs and Japanese craft-gin make exotic flavor attracting you.
coffee liqour / Kina / vermouth / Whisky /
Hommage of Guy Ritchie film whisky and coffee make smoky and strong shots like a fire from old rifle.
dried apple / gin / oolong tea / pine apple / vermouth /
Pine apple infused vermouth and calvados cask gin makes tender sweetness. oolong tea tighten it with gentle bitterness. it tastes smooth but strong.
Corn / cream / milk / olive oil / parsley / rum / vodka /
put fried onion, consommé and butter into vodka. filtering it after four days gives you pure flavored vodka. put all materials together to the shaker and shake it hard. put some olive oil and a bit of parsley. Now you get cold corn potage. have a good time with the most poplar meal like cocktail of niwaka bar
mascarpone cheese / match / milk / rum / sherry / yuzu /
Put rum and sherry with finest Matcha made in honorable Kyoto. adding mascarpone cheese and shaking it hard makes it smooth. put some yuzu powder on the is nice Matcha latte -doss.
bay leaf / carrot / cinnamon / cloves / gin /
carrot and spices infused gin tonic. you can feel best part of carrot flavor. it makes your feel like having curry and rice.
cucumber pickles / gin / lime / tonic water /
Pocari sweat is common sports drink of japan. it's salty and sweet. good combination with pickled cucumber. this is a paring cocktail with tender gin and tonic and soy source based homemade cucumber pickles.
gin / Sencha / tonic water /
Sencha infused gin and tonic. both sencha and tonic has bitterness. it matches nicely. we also recommend this to person does not like gin and tonic very much.
cardamom / chamomile / Kumquat / lemon / oregano / thyme / vermouth / Whisky /
French vermouth,Kumquat and bitter herbes make good harmony with whisky. it's good for the starter for the night after hard working.
cocoa / hazel nuts / heavy cream / milk / Whisky /
a bit flavor of whisky, mild nuts iced cocoa. low alcohol.
cinnamon / elderflower liquor / heavy cream / milk / tea liqour /
elder flower and tea liquor make luxury combination. you can drink this like a dessert.
caramel / coffee / edible flower / pine apple / rum /
Twist cocktail of Mr.Bali Hai from classic Tiki. Bali hai is a paradise that does not exist. Pine apple and coffee flavor take you to the journey to nowhere


mocktails english
apple / chai / ginger beer / lime / pasion fruits /
original craft coke of niwaka bar
black pepper / casis / coconuts water / heavy cream / mango /
a dessert mocktail taste like cheese cake. black pepper suppresses sweetness and gives an exquisite flavor.
blood orange / lemon / non alcohol campari / non alcohol whisky /
non-alcohol whisky, Campari and blood orange juice. it tastes like mezcal but there is no mezcal inside. please have fun with illusion of tastes.
lemon / Non-alcohol aperol / soda /
rich lemon soda made from alcohol free aperol syrup